Andrew Langs Background


Andrew started brewing wine and beer in 1996, his main passion was in creating special southern sweet wines such as muscadine, peach and strawberry. After a little dabbling in making beer with different grains and yeasts he realized that there wasn’t a lot of difference between creating a must for beer and a mash for whiskey. This is when the light bulb went on.  Andrew was making wine and beer for friends, family; and then going out and purchasing whiskey. This had to change. Andrew did some research on stills and still building and came across some plans for a simple Pot, column still utilizing copper pipes, a beer keg and a turkey cooker. Being a Green Beret it only made sense to build a still utilizing only parts that could be found anywhere in the world. Take a step back to the invasion of Iraq, while waiting along the boarder of Kuwait to invade. Andrew told a buddy that he could make wine out of items in an (MRE) Meal Ready to Eat. 1 pack of Skittles, a water bottle, a piece of shelf stable bread and the wine started fermenting. Actually it was like drinking a glass of skittles but with alcohol content. Over the next 16 years Andrew perfected the art of fermenting and distilling utilizing ingredients available to him wherever he was. His favorite recipe has always been variations of what is today Sweet Feed whiskey. The first batches were undrinkable but after time it became a Green Beret staple.  Sweet Feed whiskey would become a special mix of different grains, cooking, distilling techniques and wood finishing taking him to today what is  fine sipping whiskey.  Completely out of the box just as one would expect Green Beret to operate.

Andrew's passion for distilling was interrupted by by the Army for 25 years that he does not regret one bit, however retirement gave him the opportunity to rekindle his passion for distilling truly craft Whiskeys and Spirits.  Andy's original hand made still is now displayed at his own Leatherwood Distillery. The new Leatherwood still is designed much the same as his homemade still (homemade spirits from a homemade still design.) A true Distiller not only designs his products but also his STILL!!


Melanie Barney

Bar Manager

 4 years as a dental assistant at Ft. Campbell and Clarksville Mel was drawn to the food and beverage industry.  For the last 17 years Mel has been behind the bar in one capacity or another.  In all her venues whether high volume, country club or local pub atmosphere, Mel had a goal to bring the art of mixology to the next level.  It was Leatherwood owner Andrew Lang, who recognized Mel's skills from the front of the bar, Invited Mel to manage the bar side of the distillery.  

 “Andy gives me the freedom to build an atmosphere and visually pleasing craft cocktails with the creative flavors made right here at Leatherwood.”  Enjoy!

Phil Buchanan

Head of Maintenance,

 Distiller in training


 A United States Navy Veteran stationed in both Florida and Alaska.  Phil was a pipe fitter specializing in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and energy management.  After 37 years in positions as service technician, service manager, job site superintendent, construction manager and project manager.  Phil retired to Tennessee in 2015 and discovered Leatherwood Distillery one year ago finding Andy's products reflected the high standards one would expect of a special forces soldier.  

 Phil came to Leatherwood as a jack of all trades with lots of tools and expertise in energy efficiency.  “I don't consider this a job, I am sharing a retirement hobby with a friend”.

Dave Pudlo

The Whiskey Professor


 Dave retired from the corporate world in 2000.  Then went to Kentucky and found his true passion, distilled spirits, where he spent 18 year primary as an educator for What was then a small Distillery.  After retiring from Kentucky Dave's primary reason to come here was family.  Who would have known his family and Leatherwood would be so close to each other.  A lucky connection brought Dave and Andy together.  “After meeting Andy I discovered an experienced and skilled and distiller.  I welcomed the opportunity to be part of a truly talented craft distillery team.”


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